Visit from Banting Polytechnic Selangor (PBS) Malaysia

Visit from Banting Polytechnic , Selangor - Malaysia

Bandung, Friday 7 September 2018

POLBAN especially Mechanical Engineering Department got a visit from Banting Polytechnic, Politeknik Banting Selangor (PBS). This event was carried out by the International Affairs office, Mr. Harita. POLBAN get a visit because they have seen that Polban have a good track record and a lot of achievement, two of them are being the 10 top best polytechnics in Indonesia and got excellent accreditation with score A.

The visit which held on Friday, 7 September 2018 followed by at least 15 Students from Aviation Department and Mechanical Department, and at least 15 lecturers from Malaysia.

With their visit’s name: “Program CSR dan Lawatan Strategi ke Politeknik Bandung Indonesia“, they have some purpose for visiting us. Beside for comparing education system because they are new university which opened in 2007, they will make some cooperation with our Mechanical Engineering Department such as in manufacturing and design especially in 3D printing, they also want to share about their legislative organization (MPM), and hopefully this can make another cooperation like make summer camp, student exchange or education experience in Malaysia.

PBS which has a formula or we can call it as a motto: E= ƒ  {A+G+C},  told that they have so many programs for making their students being good graduates, the program summarized in their formula.

  1. E = Employability
  2. A = Academic Achievement
  3. G = Generic Student Attributes 
  4. C = Collaboration with Industries

With that formula, they believe that they can produce the best graduates from PBS. After we sharing so many programs, we can get a lot of learning, that we must always be a good person, the student, lecturers, and staffs in accordance also with our motto: “Assuring the future”, same with PBS which have believe their motto and formula. hopefully Polban can learn so many thing from PBS, and we can get more visit from abroad, especially to our department. 

by Dudin Solahudin – Design and Construction of Mechanical Engineering Department


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